Logo Design

A collection of Logo Designs for our clients. We take the image and brand of your business serious and we invest a great amount of time in your logo – the FACE of your business! We craft all our logos from scratch and original – we DO NOT use apps and stock-image logos ‘from the internet’ as so many design companies do lately. We are honest and proud of our work, and we give you the assurance that YOUR business will also enjoy that from Fire Ant Media.

Web Design

With websites becoming more affordable and more accessible in the past few years, there are very few people who still add the creative and visual aspect into a client’s website. This is where WE come in – we LOVE a good looking website!  Simple, elegant and visually accurate to represent YOUR business or brand. Whether  you require a basic website – from a single page to 5 or more pages – or an online store, Fire Ant Media will be at your service.

Social Media ads

Social Media Content design for all platforms and layouts.

Video Ads & Animated Ads

We also offer you Videos, Video Ads, Animated Ads and we animations for special projects. From a basic, simple animated video or ad, to more advanced and complicated ones. Video ads are PERFECT, EFFECTIVE and CRUCIAL for Social Media Marketing, and videos are also handing tools of marketing a special project, product or idea to your clients, customers or as presentations product videos.  The advantages and possibilities are endless!


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